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Wireframing and prototyping services offered through Mesa Bizz eliminate guesswork and create applications that deliver exceptional experiences for your customers, whether inside the company or outside, or both. Our wireframing services involve building the visual proposition of the application, illustrating the structural elements, and defining the relationship between components and modules. Prototyping is all about building a simulated user interface for the system’s value proposition, evaluation, validation and ultimately, release.

Wireframing, MVP, and Prototype Development in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Bizz is a division of Sofvue, LLC, a software development company serving small businesses in Mesa, Arizona. Our software architects design and produce wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for web applications, mobile apps, SaaS, wearables, databases, and software. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, we have experts to meet and exceed your expectations. In the last two decades, we have created over 50,000 wireframes and prototypes for businesses of all sizes and industries, from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City. Putting these wireframes and prototypes in front of real users ensures your application yields only the features and functionalities your target audience will use, thereby reducing development costs and speeding up delivery to market. 

To date, we have developed wireframes and prototypes for hundreds of U.S. and International based companies, social media, residential and commercial real estate firms, agricultural, manufacturing, insurance, and financial institutions, bioscience firms, government entities, along with numerous small and mid-sized private companies in the B2b and B2c marketplace.

Our proven approach to wireframing and prototyping gives you a complete understanding of how your application will look and perform in real-time. Based on feedback from you and real users, we convert the wireframes into real, functional software that delivers tangible business results. 


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A Systematic Approach to Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing involves creating the blueprints needed to develop your application, whether web, mobile or wearables. Through this process, we are then able to prototype your solution, creating and visualizing interactivity, user flows, and navigation of your application before developing the full set of features. What makes us the go-to software development company in Mesa is that we create wireframes and prototypes first, and only after do we begin the coding and development process.


Goal Driven Process

Before starting a project, we spend time with you and your team developing an understanding your end goals. These goals act as a foundation of the project and help us determine the right strategy, including the type of wireframes to create. It also enables us to decide early on what needs to be tabled for future development.



The easier your application is to use, the higher the engagement rate. At Mesa Bizz, we research the user behavior of your target audience to define the usability of your software. Further, wireframing and prototyping enables everyone, from stakeholders and managers to employees and customers, to identify usability flaws, enabling us to resolve issues before developing the entire application.


The Correct Architecture

Creating the right architecture before coding begins allows us to validate concepts, create A/B test scenarios, and decide what needs to be pushed out into the future. This enables Mesa Bizz to develop scalable applications that meet your business’s requirements and opens room for growth.


Application/Software Validation

Wireframing and prototyping enable you to validate the software even before the development starts. It also allows you to assess how your application will work and look in the “real world”. This eliminates the need for repeated and hundreds of changes. It also ensures no major process is left out during the development. This way, we validate your software before even writing a single line of code, thereby saving you thousands of dollars and months of otherwise lost production time.

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