Waybill Tracking System

This cloud-based application was developed for the nation's largest wholesale greens provider, a system designed to manage the logistics to over 10,000 floral stores nationwide using a Hub/Spoke delivery model with hub's in four states and one international location.


About Project

This web-based application provided the ability to create waybills, track waybill product shipping, waypoints, and so much more.  Using numerous hubs in Texas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, El Paso and even a location in Tokyo, Japan, semi’s were able to effectively reverse-load trucks in distribution order, saving significant time and labor costs when making deliveries.  In addition to the numerous waybill tools provided, the system also supports RFID product tracking.  Using barcode readers, hubs and distribution points were able to receive and validate orders in a matter of minutes.

  • Platform: .NET/SQL Server
  • Language: ASP.NET/C#.NET
  • Architecture: 3-Tier


  • Shipper Module
  • Waybill Generation Module
  • Waybill Request and Authorization Module
  • Grower, Shipper, HUB and Consignee Management
  • Complete Route Management
  • Customized Report Generation Tool
  • HUB Module

Web Application Screenshot