Custom Tailoring Website

This project was to develop and allow customers to enter details about the garment needs, such as length, width and girth, and provide this information to one of the tailors for garment modifications.


About Project

In addition to the online shopping cart functionality and check-out controls, this application allows customers to provide very detailed information about their garment needs, such as in-seam, pant break, etc., and provide this information directly to the tailors, then pay for the services online without ever entering the store.

  • Platform: PHP
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: PHP


  • Online shopping-cart functionality
  • Garment Customization
  • Support for Shirt, Suit, Pants and Vest Customization
  • Secure Login and Customer Profiles
  • Numerous measurement controls and explanations
  • Online Payment Controls

eCommerce Screenshot