Student Counseling Tracking System

Development of a cloud-based Student Tracking System cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS).


About Project

This student tracking system was developed as a means to track student counseling sessions and designed to be used by high schools, colleges and universities. The platform had a significant impact on the amount of paperwork a counselor had to perform, thus allowing more Per Student Time (PST).  In conjunction with the desktop application was a Student Kiosk, a component developed so students could “sign-up” in the waiting area and notify the counselors.

  • Platform: .NET/SQL Server
  • Language: ASP.NET/C#.NET
  • Architecture: ASP.NET MVC


  • Monitor Student Login
  • Real-time Reporting Tools
  • Student Kiosk for self sign-in
  • User Console for Advisors and Counselors
  • Counselor-to-Counselor Instant Messaging Module
  • User Switchboard Module
  • SaaS Cloud-based Platform

Web Application Screenshot