IoT Loyalty Brand IOS, Android App

This brand loyalty app was designed for business owners wanting to create specialized incentives for customers to make repeated online purchases.


About Project

The app allows businesses the ability to create an online profile for their business, then provide on-line specialty discounts and incentives, manage store inventory used as part of the loyalty program, as well as manage offers, stamp(points), and users. Store owners are provided a fully customizable storefront screen that displays in-app, as well capitalize on the use of sophisticated analytic algorithms that track customer activity, shopping cart placement, and sales, along with providing in-app specials and up-sale offerings based on each customer’s previous purchase history.

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Architecture: MVC


  • Option to collect & redeem stamps using iBeacon or QR code.
  • Geo store locator by GPS location.
  • Customized store splash page with member's current stamp.
  • Secure login and wallet system.

Mobile Application Screenshot