Hospital Management And Healthcare IOS App

This mobile app is an out-patient health management app designed as a communications platform between health care providers and their patients.


About Project

For patients, vital health information is gathered and recorded about the patient and sent to their doctor via the app.  Additionally, the app provides contact details for the patients doctor and hospital staff, along with locations, services available on each floor of a hospital, and other vital information.  Hospital staff are able to login to the application and add meal information for family members, as well as information for administering medications, along with correct patient monitoring procedures for at-home patients.

  • Platform: iOS
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Architecture: MVC


  • Patient Vitals Graphing
  • Patient Discharge Functionality
  • Multiple Personal Access
  • Health-provider site, floor and patient activity controls
  • In-app Chat Control

Mobile Application Screenshot