Specialty E-Commerce Store front

e-Commerce specialty store with all the required e-Commerce, SKU, inventory management, purchase, shipping and logistics built directly into the application system.


About Project

In addition to all the otherwise expected features such as the shopping cart, e-Commerce, SKU management, and purchase tracking, this application also provided a blog component-driven through a WordPress widget, a complete integration between WordPress and Magento, advanced product search functionality,  product filtering, and advanced predictive search controls, as well as advanced promotional offer self-management controls for advertisers.

  • Platform: PHP
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: PHP


  • WordPress Blog Integration
  • Magento and WordPress integration
  • Advanced product search functionality
  • Product filtering and predictive produce placement
  • Fully enabled e-Commerce developed with Magento
  • Advanced advertiser promotional offer controls

eCommerce Screenshot